Album Review: Qwazaar & Batsauce "Bat Meets Blaine" (9.13.11)!

August 31, 2011 3 min read


Qwazaar & Batsauce are dropping their “Bat Meets Blaine” album at precisely the perfect time. The sound and vibe of the album creates the perfect soundtrack to accompany you across the seasonal bridge from Summer to Fall.

I have already recently discussed Batsauce’s production talents, as well as Qwazaar’s abilities and history in blog introducing their Fifth Element Exclusive Limited Edition EP, “Style Be The King” HERE.

The album, which contains all new music, picks up where the EP left off, but also takes you places it didn’t go.

Qwazaar has always shown great diversity and range. In essence he’s a creativity chameleon. He surrounds himself with a talented producer, who has their own distinct sound(s), then Qwazaar delves into his style bag of tricks to find the perfect compatible style, flow, and subject matter. He has done a variety of projects that are significantly different from each other and has been able to shine in each instance; Typical Cats, Outer Limitz, Dirty Digital, etc… Qwazaar is a rare talent, in the sense that you rarely discover a MC who excels in all levels: flow, delivery, styles, and content. All of which translate well into his live show.

Batsauce has a knack for producing tracks that I would call “uniquely familiar”. Meaning, there is something about his beats that remind you of other producers, but before you can put your finger quite on it, you are pleasantly distracted by his original twists. I don’t know if you can tap into my thought process here, but I could describe the vibe he conjures up on the album as “Present Day 60s music”…not just in the samples, but also in the textures and acoustics.

Qwazaar & Batsauce undoubtedly carry the weight of this album, but also enlist some support from their people; Onry Ozzborn of Grayskul, Offwhyte, Lady Daisey, Denizen Kane, KP of The Pacifics, & DJ Biz Kid all lend their talents as well.

The album is solid thru out, but there are certainly a few standout tracks to me. “A Choice” comes in so enchanting and peaceful and then those drums drop with the intensity of a military march and Qwazaar proceeds accordingly with a lyrical assault, “One line’ll set it if off its axis/it might change the world if it mat-ters/A very thin line between the wackness and classics/To much fashion, not enough smashing/Just fame, all flashing, no passion/A dope album? Most can’t remember the last one/This kids don’t know what it is, don’t even ask um…” Later in the verse he sheds light on the song title, “Not a rhyme scheme, more than a voice/I ain’t trying to be the King, I just wanna be a choice.”

“Chop Em Down” showcases the flawless marriage between Batsauce’s riveting drum programming and Qwazaar’s impeccable flow and radiant personality.

“Power” has the makings of a perfect single choice. In a similar vein as “Shake”, the stand out track on “Style Be The King”, for it’s serious content, but danceable beat.

Both “Eye To The Sky” and “The Dream” have a more relaxed musical vibe, but powerful lyrics and a cinematic vibe that would probably translate well into videos, thus making them, assumably, less likely, but great focus tracks.

Speaking of which, “I Know” was the first single and while it may not be the best song on the record, it is a really good one and a nice summary overall of what is great about the album.

[audio:|titles=2. I KNOW]

This album drops 9.13.11 on Galapagos4, which is among the last of the remaining indie rap label surviving thru the last decade plus. Point being, support, not only these great artists and music, but also these labels who are still braving the storm of a brutal changing industry and still pushing ahead with forward-thinking music…

Written by Kevin Beacham

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