Show Info: Hip Hop Hates HIV (Milwaukee)

August 31, 2011 2 min read

The homie, Jonathan Poppe, sent me the info on this event he is doing to raise money and awareness on HIV & AIDS. It's a great cause so I wanted to spread the word. I asked him to do a quick write up on the event and the artists involved. Peep It:

The 3rd edition of my "Hip-Hop Hates..." series is going to take place on September 23rd, at Milwaukee's best rock club (as voted by Milwaukeeans year after year in the local Shepherd Express), the Cactus Club. The doors open at 9PM and the records will begin spinning at 10PM sharp with performances starting at 10:30PM.

The latest edition is called Hip-Hop Hates HIV/AIDS brings together artists like Prophetic, Streetz -n- Young Deuces, Lah Kid, and Pacino to help raise money for the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. The 1st edition was Hip-Hop Hates Multiple Sclerosis and the 2nd edition was Hip-Hop Hates Breast Cancer.

The house DJ will once again be DJ Bizzon of The Mad Kids Show on WMSE (he also DJed Hip-Hop Hates Breast Cancer), and I will be hosting the event.

I am asking for a minimum donation of $5 at the door, but donations larger than $5 would be extremely appreciated as $1,000 dollars is the goal for the evening. 100% of the door is going towards the ARCW!

Stepping up to sponsor Hip-Hop Hates HIV/AIDS is The Onion/AV Club Milwaukee, WMSE, MODA 3, True Skool, and the Cactus Club itself.

Please join all of us for a hip-hop filled night as we aim to raise money AND awareness to fight against HIV and AIDS.

A little background about the artists:
Prophetic is considered one of Milwaukee hip-hop's golden children after gaining a filmed co-sign from Pharrell, placing music in last year's ESPN X-Games, opening for multiple large acts (e.g. Wiz Khalifa, N*E*R*D, Kid Cudi), and delivering a constant - and consistent - stream of quality mixtapes, albums, and videos.

Streetz-n-Young Deuces is a Southern Entertainment Award winning group that has released mixtapes in collaboration with The Aphilliates and has managed to sell 15,000 copies of their latest album "out of their trunk" through touring and aggressive promotions.

Lah Kid in known for his unique voice, hard edged and street based rhymes, Lah Kid has found his music in rotation on Shade 45 and has also been on Shade 45 for several interviews.

Pacino is a Milwaukee rapper that is finishing up a college degree and is a proud member of the national fraternity Alpha Phi Alpha. Pacino is considered one of the Mil's most talented artists of the younger crop of rappers by veteran Milwaukee music journalist Evan Rytlewski and has recently aligned himself with Ivy League Entertainment, which also supports Ray Nitti (the rapper known for his club hit "Bow").

JC Poppe
Creator/Organizer of Hip-Hop Hates... benefit concert series

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