Freestyles & Rarities: Percee P (Demos, Radio Appearances, Collabs, etc...)

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I’ve long been a fan of Percee P. He’s one of the key MCs who elevated the artform of technical MCing in the late 80s and 90s, with classic verses on tracks such as “Lung Collapsing Lyrics”, “Yes You May”, “Let The Homicides Begin”, etc…

Sometime in the 90s, we made contact, which I believe came thru my connection with Aesop Rock in the “Music For Earthworms” days, which featured Percee P on two tracks and acted as a sort of reintroduction of him to the scene at the time.

This is circa ‘96/’97 when Percee P had just entered a new label situation with short-lived, Vmax Records. This yielded his “Nowhere Near Simple” b/w “Don’t Cum Strapped” 12” and the Shazam X “Respect Cost More Than Money” 12”, which featured Percee P and Vmax label-mate, SLD (Sick Lyrical Damager).

I had some conversations with label owner, Vance Reed, to promote the label in Chicago. When he sent me the promo 12” singles to spin on Time Travel Radio and get in the hands of other DJs, he also sent me this tape of Percee P and SLD on WPBX 88.3 in South Hampton New York. It has some quick introductions and shout outs and then about 8 minutes of freestyle back-n-forth with DJ Crowd Control on the wheels.

DJ Crowd Control w/Percee P & SLD on WPBX 88.3:
[audio:|titles=Percee P N SLD-WPBX Freestyle]

Also, around this time, The Molemen brought Percee P to Chicago to perform at the Rhymefest 12” release party and to record a posse cut with Rhymefest and Vakill. Later he made a second trip to work on additional to demos with The Molemen. Two of those tracks have been released in one form or another, but I don’t believe the third one has.

The posse track was “Keep The Fame” with Vakill, Percee P, and Rhymefest, which is a monster! Each MC stays in their lane and showcases their own brand of high-level lyricism.

Molemen Featuring Vakill, Rhymefest, Percee P-Keep The Fame '96
[audio:|titles=05 Keep The Fame (Street)]

If memory serves, the next two tracks were intended to be a Percee P 12” released by The Molemen, but never materialized. The first track being “I’m Just That Bad”, which they eventualy released on the Revisited and Remastered version of “Ritual Of The Mole”.

Percee P-Just That Bad [Produced By Panik '97]
[audio:|titles=17 I'm Just That Bad]

The third track was produced by then Molemen member, Mixx Massacre, known more for his DJ Skills, but his production was also starting to shine around this time. Not longer after, Molemen and Massacre severed ties and I think this song got lost in limbo.

Percee P-Spark The Mic [Produced by Mix Massacre '97]:
[audio:|titles=Percee P-Spark The Mic {Massacre]]

When Percee P was in town I would always try to get him some shine on the radio, mostly via WNUR 89.3 FM. For his first trip, we got him on the Sunday show, 6 Feet Unda. A lot of times when there were artists coming in for their show they would invite me down to help conduct or just do the interview. For this Percee P appearance I hold it down and talk to him about his current projects in the Windy City and his history from the Bronx, but only after he drops a few verses.

Percee P & DJ Juice (Hardcore’s Finest) on 6 Feet Unda 10-20- 96:
[audio:|titles=Percee P-6 Ft Unda Freestyle 10-20-96]

When he came back for his next visit, to record those two solo tracks, he was in town for my Time Travel Show and we had we did another interview with him and of course more freestyle. This time with Mixx Massacre on the wheels, he even adds a nice Percee P scratch intro to make it “official”.

Percee P w/DJ Mixx Massacre on Time Travel 1-2-97:
[audio:|titles=Percee P-Time Travel Freestyle 1-2-97]

[audio:|titles=Percee P-Time Travel Interview 1-2-97]

Of course, Percee P continued to stay hustling and eventually dropped his official debut album on Stones Throw in 2007, the aptly titled, “Perseverance” came 18+ years after he started MCing. A variety of cameos, remixes and things of the sort followed. One that may have slipped past your radar is “Paper Cup” with Grip Grand from his excellent, “Brokelore” CD in 2008. It captures a classic feel with a break beat styled drums, topped with flutes, moans and quick-paced rhyme patterns.

Grip Grand featuring Percee P-Paper Cup
[audio:|titles=07 Paper Cup featuring Percee P]

Written By Kevin Beacham

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September 15, 2012

The Darkest Cloud & Worst Fears Confirmed are both in my top 20 for the best hip hop album of the last decade. You have everithyng a real hip hop lover needs to have on there. Vakill himself, an absoulete beast on the mic with a vicious flow and unbelievable lyrics and great beats, eich provide a dope soundscape. I can’t wait to hear Armor Of God, I believe that it wll be on par with his previous efforts or mabye even better. The cover looks dope, too. I think it’ll be the album of the year.

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