Network & Parlay: August Update + Videos from The Last Event!!

August 24, 2011 3 min read

Hello good peoples! We are back with another Network & Parlay Session for tomorrow night (Thursday, Aug 25th at 7 PM). I don't know if you been to one of these yet, but they are great to attend no matter who you are or what you are do.

If you are a recording artists in the Twin Cities, you should definitely be here! It doesn't matter how small or large your career is, if you are an independent artist then there is always something value from our guest speakers or are audience.

If you a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, illustrator, studio engineer, producer, show promoter, social media specialist, etc.. Then our audience is your audience. The goal is networking and here it is.

I feel like so many people are missing out on this great and free opportunity. Specific people come to mind, who are always asking me and others about how to do all the things that we are teaching at this night. The best way to gain opportunities is to be in attendance where they may present themselves or where you can gain the tools to obtain them yourself. OK, just had to get that out...


First Avenue/7th Street Nightclub: We'll have Nate from First Avenue coming down to talk about how the booking process works for First Avenue and 7th Street Entry!! Plus discuss options for local talent to getting shows in town.

Artist Management: Ashanti Abdullah is the manager for Twin Cities based artist, M.anifest. We'll discuss when a artist needs a manager, what a manager does, what qualities to look for in a manager and much more!!

Nevermind Gallery: Nevermind Gallery is a cool new Art Gallery in St Paul providing a outlet for Local and National Visual Artists. Plus they specialize in doing Quality Silk Screen posters, which are a great merch item for touring artists!! We'll discuss how they select artists work for the gallery. Plus breakdown how the silk screen business works and how artists have made it profitable!

Hope to see you there tomorrow!!

Here's some videos from the last event. This was the one that I personally learned the most at. There was so much incredible useful information from Noiseland Industries, Dave CampbellFrom 89.3 The Current, and Pull Your Focus Music Video Summer Camp!

Noiseland Industries Part 1: They break down all the options for creating tools to get your music out there as a physical product. Including some detailed and super informative conversation about manufacturing vinyl; cost, quantities, and more!

Noiseland Industries Part 2: We start this partoff discussing how to maximize the sound quality of manufacturing vinyl. Including bass frequencies (IE 808s) effect your vinyl sound quality. I learned a lot hearing this!

We also discuss the timeline for getting vinyl manufactured. Including D/L cards as a form of marketing and/or customer appreciation tool. Also, how D/L cards work. Plus we also discuss CD Printing options; elaborate packaging, etc...

Dave Campbell of The Current Part 1: Here he discusses how he got started in radio and breaks down how The Current Programs the station.

Dave Campbell of The Current Part 2: He explains the best ways to submit your music to The Current, including names of who to send it to!! He also discusses how The Current All Local Stream works, another opportunity for local artists!!

Pull Your Focus Music Video Summer Camp: This was a cool Summer program for the youth that took place last month. It gave youth an opportunity work on a actual music video set. They assisted in the filming and editing of a new video by local artist, Ernest Rhodes.

Here's the trailer from that video:

AUGUST 25TH, 2011 @ 7 PM

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