Boogie Down Productions-"Philosophy Night" Party 1988 (Live Show Audio)

August 17, 2011 2 min read


I recorded this back in '88 off the radio. I was dedicated to staying in and listening to the very limited amount of Hip Hop the radio had to offer. For me, at this time, my only real option was WNUR 89.3. All thru out my High School years and beyond they always had at least one show dedicated to Hip Hop. I have shoeboxes full of tapes from those shows. Most of them are filled with songs that I eventually picked up on 12", LP, Cassette Tape, or CD. However, there's a few moments that are pretty rare that find as I dig thru these tapes. Been finding a few jewels lately...

This is one I recently found and converted and not sure if it's really made its round on the internets. Chances are it has, but just in case I'd thought I'd share it.

It's a approximately a 9 minute performance featuring KRS One on the mic and D-Nice working the turntables. KRS One gives a nice, though super brief, BDP history at the start that takes some jabs at Mr Magic/Juice Crew. The event is called "Philosophy Night" and is celebrating the "My Philosophy" 12" release and seemingly the Music Video debut. They have a pretty interesting song selection, that isn't stacked with the hits; Up To Date, Stop The Violence, Dope Beat, & I'm Still #1. The set is longer than that, because he says in his intro that he'll be performing "My Philosophy" in the set, but that's all they played on the radio. With that in mind, it's quite possible they got to all "hits" later in the show

Another interesting thing is right before "I'm Still #1" there's some weird dialog about Run-DMC. Apparently, at that moment a Run-DMC video is on the video screen and KRS references it and some words go back & forth between him and I believe D-Nice. I wonder if he just made the connection that it was oddly timed that it happened  right after "Dope Beat" where he does kick the line, "I don't wear Adidas because my name's not Run/I got Nikes on my feet and to be complete, I can rock an American or Reggae beat."

Peep the show:
[audio:|titles=BDP Live at _Philosophy Night_]

Written By Kevin Beacham

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