Chicago Historical Society: Nizm-In Due Time (2001)

August 12, 2011 2 min read

ReServed Records is a Chicago based label that has recently announced a new series of projects under the umbrella project name, Chicago Historical Society. The mission at hand is to pay tribute and reissue albums from the extremely active CDR era of Chicago Hip Hop (Circa '98-'03).

To better break it down, here's a press release from the label that puts it all in perspective:

The mission of CHS is to recapture and document the essence of the Chicago hip-hop scene in this five year window, a period in which many low quality recordings uncannily made an indelible mark, traveling through the worldwide underground scene with a vengeance. The period was marked with apocalyptic sounds, slow and
dark boom bap and breakbeat oriented production, and outrageous punchlines and complex lyrical concepts. Some of the key players of this subcultural movement were the now established Molemen, Galapagos4, Slaughterhouse5, Verbal, Nacrobats, and Ill Nature. Many of the key figures of this period, such as Qwel, Pugslee Atomz, Psalm One, Robust, and others, have used the notoriety they gained in this period to attain considerable followings and present day global success. The Chicago Historical Society remasters and digitally rereleases significant albums from this important 5 year era of vicious cypher battles, shows at various Windy City venues, unannounced trips to WHPK, WLUW and WNUR for interviews and freestyles, and more. Each reissue is in the form of limited edition download cards including the actual record, extra tracks, a video interview of the artist, and a personal write up from the pen of the

The first rerelease of the CHS project was archetypal architect/MC NIZM’s sophomore release, In Due Time. Sold hand-to-hand by NIZM and in mom and pop shops at the time of release in 2001, the record is exemplary of intelligent lyricism and soulful boom bap production that the CDR era is known and revered
for. Featuring Iomos Marad (All Natural Inc), Azarael, and Prophecy the record is a true testament to the one time Scam Artist’s dynamic skill with a microphone, with the ability to address topics from hip-hop to religion. It is also a testament to the advanced capabilities of these Chicago MCs hosted on CDRs and cassette tapes.

[audio:|titles=14 In Due Time]

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