Soundset Essential Elements Tent: 2011 Wrap Up Video + Atmosphere Exclusive Remixes From LRB Showcase!!

August 02, 2011 3 min read 1 Comment

I've been so busy working on a bunch of things I, nearly forgot we have these Soundset 2011 videos to share!! Below is one from the Essential Elements Tent and we'll drop a Fifth Element Tent video on Thursday!! Plus check out the exclusive Atmosphere "Millennium Dodo" Remixes from the Last Of The Record Buyers Showcasebelow!

The Essential Elements Tent has been growing every year at Soundsetand 2011 was no different. There's a variety of things that went down thru out the day, most notably; Live DJs, Last Of The Record Buyers Production Showcase, and the Redbull BC 1 Minneapolis Cypher Competition!

Shouts to our DJs for the day: DJ Shortkut, DJ Maseo (Of De La Soul), Skeme Richards, Noam The Drummer, Espada, and resident Soundset Tent DJ, Kid Cut Up!!

Shot and Directed By One Light Collective:

One of my highlights was definitely the Last Of The Record Buyers Production showcase! I got a lot of great feedback from it at the event and on the internets. If you missed it, here's how it went down, we broke the LRB portion of the day down into 3 separate sections:

#1 was the beat showcase with some of Twin Cities finest and some top notch heavy hitters who were in town for the event. We had originally only been promoting six producers for this part but when a couple more producers came thru with a beat CD of some brand new hot joints, we had to let them represent! Each producer took their time to shine and represented lovely, giving quick snippets of the latest creations in their arsenal. The results were pretty amazing. Shouts to all the producers who represented; Evidence (of Dilated Peoples), Lazerbeak, X:144, King Karnov, Paten Locke, Brandon Allday, Exile, and Void Pedal!!!

#2 was the Sample Challenge. A month before the main event we selected 5 producers and we gave them each the Acapella to Atmosphere's "Millennium Dodo" from "The Family Sign" to do a remix and then we tossed 5 TV Shows names in a hat and had them draw and they had to make a beat using that TV Shows Theme Music. They all had a month to put the two projects together. All five producers came thru with different perspectives on the remix and some surprising twists on the TV Show Themes!


-Dimitry KillStorm
[audio:|titles=Atmosphere (millennium dodo remix)]

TV Show Challenge: "Cheers"
[audio:|titles=CHEERSSHIT remix]

Mike Swoop
[audio:|titles=Millenium Dodo (Soundset_Mike Swoop Remix)]

TV Show Challenge: "Full House"
[audio:|titles=Mike Swoop (Soundset Full House Theme)]

[audio:|titles=milliennium dodo (katrah-quey remix)]

TV Show Challenge: "The Office
[audio:|titles=the office _100bpm_]

The Opus
[audio:|titles=01 Mill DooDoo remix]

TV Show Challenge "Who's The Boss?"
[audio:|titles=02 Who's the Boss (Sample Challenge)]

Bobby Richardson
[audio:|titles=atmosphere-Millenium Dodo Remix]

TV Show Challenge "The Simpsons"

#3 To close it off, we had Exile do one of his famous live sets on his MPC. I've peeped a lot of his online videos of him doing his thing and I have to say his performance at Soundset was possibly the most impressive I've seen from him! He definitely flipped some elements to that I had never saw, like the excellent Mountain "Long Red" section with the "clap your hands" climax. Everyone was bugging out!

Thanx to all the DJs, Producers, & Dancers who rocked in the tent. Plus thanx to anyone who stopped thru in the day to check us out. Hope to see you at Soundset 2012!

Here's some bonus flicks:

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