Artist Profile: 5 Star Moet (B Boy Records '87/'88)

July 15, 2011 3 min read


When I woke up this morning I knew I was going to be on the move most of the day, but I'm trying really hard to stay true to my goal of a new blog every day (Mon-Fri). I started to look thru all my notes for ideas to write about, hoping I could find something that made sense that I could put together quickly.

I stumbled across this file of about 30 artists profiles that I started writing a while back that I've never posted anywhere and sort of forgot about. One of those profiles was on 5 Star Moet and which stood out as the obvious choice for a couple reasons; I had just referenced her and her debut in my Sparky D piece just last week. Plus with my article onone of my MC Mentors, Champagne yesterday, has that New York raw female MC vibe on my mind...

5 Star Moet is repping out the Bronx and on B Boy Records. Although she only has four released songs in her discography and 2 of them are about love, she should still be categorized as hardcore. All her tracks were produced by, an important early Hip Hop producer that people tend to overlook, Keyboard Money Mike.

Her debut was on B Boy Records,B Girls Live & Kicking” Compilation with two tracks. Her first offering is the relentless “Moet Gets Busy” which is an all out assault on Roxanne Shante. She focuses most of the time accusing Shante of being, shall we say, promiscuous and then some…things get pretty graphic. I love how she refers to MC Shan as "Sham" (or so it sounds) repeatedly thru the track. For the outro, she flips some of the famous KRS melodies from “The Bridge Is Over” in which she tells Shante not to “beg her to get a lil softer”.  However, the hottest part is;

"#1 is the warning, #2 is the threat/#3 is a promise so don’t get me upset/                                                                                and listen to me you lil child/with one phone call I’ll have you all exiled/because I’m ½ Italian with a little Jamaican/and my family Is crazy so you know I ain’t faking…"

On that same compilation she also drops “Give Me Your Love” which is pretty explanatory…just think LL’s “I Need Love” from the female perspective, but with more drama (didn’t think that was even possible) and some moans on the chorus... :)

She flips the love concept better on “Let Me Love You” which uses Al Green’sLove & Happiness” quite lovely and cuts up the song title on the hook, courtesy of the Force MDs song of the same name.  She gives some great advice on “dealing with the love blues” on the second verse. She reminds people they have their “whole life, don’t jump off the building”, “put the gun in the drawer”, “put down the pipe”, etc… She also warns girls to beware of men who “treat you like property, something they own”.

In Full Effect” is Keyboard Money Markgoing a bit bonkers with all sorts of musical and vocal samples with a James BrownFunky President” backbone for the beat. On the mic, 5 Star Moet is just kicking quality battle rhymes and cementing her arrival into the game.

Both, “Let Me Love You” and “In Full Effect” are on her B-Boy Recordssolo single in ’88. That 12" it ended up being her last known release, which is unfortunate since it certainly hinted at some growth from her work just one year earlier.

[audio:|titles=11 In Full Affect (12_ Version)]

[audio:|titles=12 Let Me Love You (12_ Version)]

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