Album Review: True Soul Volume 1 (Deep Sounds From Left Of Stax)

July 05, 2011 2 min read

I don't really consider myself an authority on Soul Music or Funk Music. Although, I do have a notable collection and, at least, a decent amount of knowledge. All that considered, it is pretty rare I pick up a Soul/Funk compilation as impressive as this and don't recognize any of the tracks. It's just more proof that there is nearly endless amounts of great music out there yet to be discovered. Of course, if someone is qualified to achieve such a task, Now-Again (Stones Throw) is certainly a likely culprit.

As if the amazing music isn't worth the price of admission alone, you are blessed with two additional treats. First, the packaging is beautiful. It's bound in a nice hard book cover with 50+ pages of detailed liner notes. Secondly, there's also an accompanying DVD with some rather priceless footage.

As for the liner notes, you are hard-pressed to find better and more complete presentation of information in a album. They start with Editors Notes written by Egon about how he learned about the True Soul label and the man behind it, Lee Anthony. Most interesting is the 12 years it took for him to get this project ready for release and the incredible finds along the way. Truly inspirational. Following that, is a interview with the man himself, Lee Anthony, about growing up, his start in music, the forming of the label, and his work with artists. Thru out the books there are profiles and photos for many of the artists on the compilation; Thomas East, Ren Smith, The Leaders, The Conspiracy, York Wilborn, & Classic Funk. There's also a label discography, affiliated labels list, full song credits, shout outs, scans of old business cards and ADs, and a great collection of photographs. 100% Fantastic.

On the DVD you are treated to some true rare and classic footage of the "True Soul Revue" TV Show!! Features live performances by Thomas East, Pure Love, My Love, and Miss Mabel.

Lastly and most importantly though is the music! As a drove in my car listening to this for the first time, I found myself with nearly each song exclaiming, "This is a great song! Wow, this CD is really good!". I quite possibly annoyed my girlfriend when every other track or so I had her investigating the CD cover to tell me the name of the artist...who I never recognized. Honestly, I'm not going to get into talking about specific songs. Plain and simple, this is an amazing CD! If you love Soul/Funk music you NEED to own it. Plus there's probably nothing I can say that isn't contained in the liner notes. I don't know what else could inspire you to pick up, so here's a sneak preview below.

I'm also excited and pleased to announce two upcoming "True Soul" Releases:
True Soul Volume 2 CD + DVD!
True Soul Volume 1 & 2 4 Vinyl LP Collection!!

Both scheduled to drop the last week of July so stay tuned...

Thomas East-Slipping Around (45 Version):
[audio:|titles=01 Slipping Around (45 Version)]

York Wilborn's Psychedelic Six-Psychedelic Hot Pants:
[audio:|titles=08 Psychedelic Hot Pants (Full Version)]

Additional CD Images (Courtesy StonesThrow.Com):

Written By Kevin Beacham

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