Grieves "Together/Apart" Vinyl Hands-On & Album Out Tomorrow!!!

June 20, 2011 2 min read 1 Comment

Grieves & Budo will be performing live, signing autographs, posing for flicks, and hanging out at Fifth Element Tomorrow Night (6.21.11) to celebrate the release of "Together/Apart"!!

Here's a hands on look at the incredible clear Vinyl LP for Grieves' new album Together/Apart!

The album drops tomorrow we wanted to make sure you knew how fresh the packaging and artwork is.

Check out the videos below and then pre-order the album! Order now: Fifth Element



Together/Apart is the highly anticipated Rhymesayers debut album from Grieves. Teaming up with longtime friend and producer Budo, Together/Apart is an album infused with soulful horns, keys, and guitar. Lyrically, the album encompasses both the difficulties and joys of maintaining professional and personal relationships when on the road and back at home. The new album demonstrates Grieves' artistic and emotional growth made manifest. His earlier albums, Irreversible, 88 Keys & Counting, and latest EP The Confessions of Mr. Modest held together strong and built the following of devoted fans excited for his latest installment. His Rhymesayers’ debut is his proclamation of professionalism, 16 tracks created from years of hard work and constant touring.

In his latest release, Grieves raps triumphantly alone and holds his own throughout most of the album, on tracks “Tragic” and “No Matter What,” Brother Ali and Krukid stand tall alongside Grieves with pride in the solid work produced. The first single "Lightspeed", is a tutorial for anyone who had never experienced Grieves before, a gateway drug to the complex arrangements that become more intricate, the verses progressively deeper, as the record unfolds. "Bloody Poetry", the second single, is evidence of this. As SPIN quotes, “Part inspirational pep talk, part therapy session, and part crooning song of devotion, the track shows off Grieves' lyrical dexterity and a bleeding heart".

Together/Apart, showcases the amazing growth of this dynamic artist on the verge. The initial pressing of Together/Apart will feature a bonus DVD entitled Present/Tense, a biography-style documentary giving listeners an inside look at what inspired Together/Apart, as well as live and behind the scenes footage.

Watch the "Bloody Poetry" video now: YouTube
Watch the "Lightspeed" video now: YouTube
Listen to "On The Rocks" now: SoundCloud

Don't miss Grieves & Budo on Vans Warped Tour all summer!

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