Soundset 2011 Spotlight: 2Mex Audio History!!

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In ’94 I received a demo tape in the mail from the LA Underground group, Ill Brothers (along with a Ill Brothers 12” on their Nerve Deafness Records). Chat of the Ill Brothers was so gracious to add on the b-side of that tape a 3-song demo from O.M.D(a.k.a Of Mexican Descent). I loved that tape!

O.M.D-My Island '94 Demo:
[audio:|titles=15 My Island]

O.M.D-242 '94 Demo:

A couple years later, Chat came thru once again with copies of the Nerve Deafness release, Old World Chaos. This fantastic piece of wax contained early work from Evidence, Joey Chavez, Iriscience, Ill Brothers, 2Mex, and Xololanxinxo. Upon listening to the track by 2Mex (“Sunchasers”), I immediately recognized him as one of the voices from that O.M.D demo. From that point I was a certified fan and on the hunt to find whatever music I could from him. In the years to come there would be plenty of opportunities to do just that, as 2Mex kept extremely active, releasing an impressive series of projects and appearances.

2Mex’s strengths lie in his excellent use of wordplay and specifically his use of alliteration, diverse delivery and plenty of character and charisma. A great collection of his early work can be found on a CD called “Unreleased Hits” which is filled with solo tracks, collaborations, and a sampling of some of his collaborative projects; SonGodSuns, Visionaries, and of course Of Mexican Descent.

Many people may have first discovered 2Mex as a key part of the Visionaries alongside DJ Rhettmatic, Key Kool, LMNO, Dannu, & Lord Zen, as these records were the first projects of his to get larger distribution. In ’97 they released “Galleries” and over the next several years dropped 3 additional albums; Sophomore Jinx (’99), Pangaea (‘04), and We Are The Ones (We’ve Been Waiting For) (’06).

Visionaries-Audible Angles (2Mex Solo) from "Galleries" '97:
[audio:|titles=03 Audible Angels]

I think the first official full album I have featuring 2Mex, as the sole vocalist, is the Mind Clouders (2Mex + Mums The Word) project, “Fake It Until You Make It” in ’99. This project nicely lays the foundation for 2Mex’s career. It’s filled with creative rhyming, clever concepts, tackles tough issues, showcases his dedication to this Culture and his crew(s), reveals his humorous nature, balances braggadocio and humility, and uses sarcasm effectively, which I can appreciate ☺.

Mind Clouders-Worship The Music '99:
[audio:|titles=15 Worship The Music]

This album was also my introduction to producer, Mums The Word. Actually, the Mind Clouders 12” was a split single with 2 Murs songs on the flip side, produced by Mums The Word. Just one year later Murs would release "Murs Rules The World", produced primarily by Mums The Word. I’m assuming, that connection is what spawned the Brain Busters concept, a short-lived collaboration between 2Mex and Murs. The history of the that collab is shrouded in mystery with a “beef” between the two rappers that some say was a marketing concept to support the wrestling theme of the project and others say it was real…in any event it made for a interesting story, yet only yielded one released track unfortunately.

Brain Busters-Introducing The Brain Busters '01:
[audio:|titles=07 Introducing The Brainbusters]

Finally in 2000 he released an official 2Mex record, titled “B Boys In Occupied Mexico”. This album is an underground classic. It assembled what is arguably the best West Coast Underground producers of the time; Omid, Nobody, Drug Lab (production unit including Sick Jacken), Paris Zax, & Mums The Word. Xololanxinxo, his Of Mexican Descent partner, makes several appearances, as well as there are contributed verses by Busdriver, LMNO, Sick Jacken, and more! Certainly those factors contributed heavily to the dynamics of the album, but ultimately the highlight of the album is 2Mex. In that short time since Mind Clouders, he already further developed the skills, improved the delivery, and sounds as confident, passionate, and determined as ever.

2Mex-L.A. (Like...):
[audio:|titles=02 L.A. (Like...)]

The years to come would welcome a slew of quality releases, collaborations, and side projects . In that time, 2Mex has kept his skill sharp, his live show energetic, his ego in check, and his love for the artform strong. You can expect exactly that to be reflected when he commands the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset 2011!!

Here is a quick glimpse of some of the other highlights from his discography:

Of Mexican Descent-“Exitos & Mas Exitos” Cassette ‘98:
[audio:|titles=05 Money Is Meaningless]

SonGodSuns “Love Fights Back” 12” ’99 [Produced By Nobody. Scratches by DJ ESP]:
[audio:|titles=12 Love Fights Back]

2Mex-Words Knot Music CD '00 (Acapella/Spoken Word CD featuring Shapeshifters, Onomatapia, Visionaries, etc...)

2Mex “Sweat Lodge Infinite” ‘03 [Produced by Longevity. Scratches By Mixmaster Wolf. Features Aceylone, Busdriver, Life Rexall, Awol One, St Mark 9:23, Exist & Kemit]
[audio:|titles=07 Before The Format]

2Mex “Self Titled” Album ’04 [Produced by Omid and Life Rexall. Cuts By Mark Luv. Features Xololanxinxo, Awol One, & LMNO]:
[audio:|titles=09 Dreaming under Pressure]

2Mex-"Knowhawk" CDR (Collection Of Rarities, Remixes, Cameos) '04:
"Baby I Ain't Joking" Remix featuring Awol One [Remixed By Ant Of Atmosphere]
[audio:|titles=08 Baby I Aint Joking (ANT Remix)]

SonGodSuns “Over The Counter Culture” Album ’05 [ Produced by Polyhedron, Sa Ra Creative Partners, OMid, DJ Khalil, Key Kool, Sach, DJ Babu, Life Rexall, Deeskee & More. Features Jean Grae, LMNO, Life Rexall, Lord Zen, Busdriver, etc…]

2Mex & Life Rexall are $martyr Album ’06 [Produced by Life Rexall & Polyhedron. Scratches by Deeskee. Features Busdriver, Lord Zen, SonDoobie (Funkdoobiest), XOlolanxinxo, Mestizo, etc…]:
[audio:|titles=12 Get Up]

LMNO, Key Kool, & 2Mex-Blessing In Disguise Album [Part of LMNO's 10 Song Box Set "James Kelly"] '10:
[audio:|titles=08 Soul]

2Mex-“My Fanbase Will Destroy You” Album ‘10 [Produced By Busdrier, Deeskee, Life Rexall, Ceschi Ramos, Nobody, Etc... Features Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Murs, C.V.E, Ellay Khule, Wreccless, Busdriver, etc...]:
[audio:|titles=04 What You Know About Featuring Prince Po]

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August 05, 2012

lol so you liked 2Mex’s voice from the jump? Once I got used to it I really liked him and I think you are def right, prtety much every release he touches turns to gold.

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