Soundset 2011 Spotlight: Mr. Gene Poole!!

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Original Headshots Crew member, Mr. Gene Poole has been commanding mics and stages for a few decades in the Twin Cities. He’s paid dues and earned his O.G. Status thru his lasting passion and intensity.

Mr. Gene Poole, as lead vocalist of Phull Surkle, released joints on classic Headshotstapes such as “History”, “Effort”, and “Industrial Warfare”, as well as a few Twin Cities compilation in the 90s.

Phull Surkle "Shots Fired" (From Headshots 5: Effort '97):
[audio:|titles=03 Shots Fired]

Casino Royale featuring Phull Surkle-Sweet Microphones (From FreeLoaded Wednesdays Compilation '97):
[audio:|titles=06 (Intro) Sweet Microphone-Casino Royale Featuring Phull Surkle]

In 1998, he played an integral role in the Rhymesayers classic release, Dynospectrum. Alongside Slug, Beyond, and I Self Devine, Mr. Gene Poole represented lovely over Ant’s dark and moody production.

Dynospectrum-Tenfold '98:
[audio:|titles=15 Tenfold]

Dynospectrum-Struggle Song (From Twin Town High Music Yearbook Vol. 2 '99):
[audio:|titles=08 Struggle Song]

The Twin Town High Compilation in ’98 featured the Phull Surkle track, “Salty Alternatives”. The liner notes hinted towards a full Rhymesayers album entitled “Public Officials”. Although that album never dropped, in the early to mid 00s Phull Surkle had transformed into D.A.P.O (Department Appointed Public Officials) and dropped an album entitled “Public Assistance”.

Phull Surkle "Salty Alternatives" (From Twin Town High Music Yearbook Vol. 1 '98):
[audio:|titles=09 Salty Alternatives]

Around that same time, Mr. Gene Poole was active and relentless on the growing Twin Cities Battle circuit. His explosive performances at the Loring Pasta Bar Monday Night Battles are forever burned into the memories of many. In this time period, although he wasn't releasing his projects on Rhymesayers, he maintained ties by contributing verses to albums by Los Nativos ("Snake In Your Mouth" on Dia De Los Muertos) and Semi Official ("Wishing For A Miracle" on The Anti Album).

Semi Official "Wishing On A Miracle" Featuring Mr. Gene Poole (From The Anti-Album '03):
[audio:|titles=16 Wishing For a Miracle feat Mr. Ge]

Finally in 2009 his first solo record dropped, “The Protocol”. Essentially, it’s a collection of material that he had worked on for several years and not necessarily intended to be packaged as an album. Never the less, it featured several standout tracks showcasing his persistent hunger for the mic.

Mr. Gene Poole-Live Now featuring Slug (From "The Protocol" '09):

He’s currently at work on a few projects, including an official solo album. However, we are likely to first witness the birth of his collaborative effort with Chilam Balam of Los Nativos entitled Audio Dragons. The Audio Dragons is shaping up to be an excellent showcasing of the growth of Mr. Gene Poole as an artist; he is still as intense as ever, but his focus and message is redirected and fine tuned.

Audio Dragons-Storms (From the upcoming Audio Dragons Album 2011):

Absent-Money Can't Buy Time featuring Mr. Gene Poole (Recent Collaboration):
[audio:|titles=money can't buy time - Absent ft. Gene Pool]

Minnesota peeps got a chance to witness Mr. Gene Poole in action during the “Welcome To MN Tour” with Atmosphere earlier this year. Here’s an interview we did with the Audio Dragons to introduce the group, leak some music and announce them on the tour. This will get you prepared for what to expect when Mr. Gene Poole hits the Fifth Element Stage at Soundset 2011!!

Atmosphere featuring MR. Gene Poole & Prof-Minnesota Nice (2011):
[audio:|titles=Minnesota Nice]

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