Soundset 2011 Spotlight: Edan featuring Paten Locke!!

May 06, 2011 2 min read

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When I first heard and met Edan in the Fall of ’98 I suspected right away there was destined to be an interesting story unfolding that would just keep getting better. His passion for the roots of Hip Hop, dedication to the craft, oddball personality, eclectic taste and natural talent makes for a lethal combination.
Sure, many claim to have skills in multiple “Elements”, but you’d be fairly hard-pressed to find someone so proficient in each; MCing, DJing, & Production (plus a decent arsenal of instruments and gadgets)…unless you are Edan himself that is…

His other gift has been finding like–minded/similar skilled artists to partner with for his always exciting stage show; Insight, Dahga, & Paten Locke have all shared and rocked many a stage with Edan.

Paten Locke is his current collaborator, who also has an impressive history of his own. Paten Locke (a.k.a DJ Therapy) was part of the relatively short-lived, but dynamic crew, Asamov. In 2009 he dropped his “Super Ramen Rocketship” Solo album that was an excellent showcasing of all his skill sets; DJ, MC, Producer, and avid Hip Hop Appreciator.

Not so long ago, Edan released his “Echo Party” DVD and is currently working on completing a new album to follow up the fantastic, Beauty And The Beat album. Paten Locke is lending his production skills to a variety of projects as well as cooking up some special treats of his own. They both just recently finished a tour together. Peep these top-notch clips below for a teaser of what to expect at Soundset 2011:

Edan & Paten Locke Mic Manipulators Tag Team At The Camden Jazz Cafe (4.7.11):

Edan & Paten Locke Acapella Freestyle At The Camden Jazz Cafe (4.7.11):

Plus some Bonus Shots:

Edan "Echo Party" DVD Snippet:

-"Ventilation" Music Video from Paten Locke's vastly under-appreciated "Top Ramen Rocketship" album:

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