Network & Parlay April 2011 Edition: Soundset, City Pages, Michael Gaughan (a.k.a Ice Rod), Know Your Market, and more!!

April 21, 2011 2 min read

It's just about time for another Network & Parlay Session!! Peep below for a recap from our March Session.

Here's what is going down this month:

-Know Your Market (Kevin Beacham): We'll discuss some of the key things you should know about the place you live if you are trying to network, build a buzz, get radio play, get press coverage, build sales, find work, etc...

-City Pages (Andrea Swensson): Find out how to submit your
work to the City Pages for press consideration; album, shows, etc... We'll discuss
the different options for Print vs Online. Also, what are some things that bands
have done to impress them to get coverage!

-Hip Hop Festivals: Soundset (J Bird): When doing an event as
massive as Soundset, as well as other festivals, there's always lots of questions,
misconceptions, and things of the sort. We'll discuss how artists are selected to
perform, what goes into planning an event of this magnitude, how artists can
get the most from these experiences, and more!!

-Graphic Designer Profile: Michael Gaughan (a.k.a Ice Rod) has been a impressive
talent on the Twin Cities scene for a long time now as a Freestyler, Performer,
Sculptor, Graphic Designer, and more! He'll display some of his work, talk about
his process, and let you know how to get in touch with him if you have a project
in mind that you think is the perfect fit!

We'll cover all that + some other bonus activities and announcements that will be revealed that evening, so come thru and experience one of thE coolest and most beneficial new nights for Twin Cities talent!!

Here's some clips of what went down in March:

-Event Recap:

-Siddiq (Rhymesayers CEO): On the State Of Record Labels, What He Looks For In

-Maximizing Retail: Some Pointers on how to maximize your retail experience as an artist!:

Photos by Andrew Sherrard:


Network & Parlay is a Twin Cities Networking Night for Fans, Videographers, DJs, Graphic Designers, Promoters, Producers, MCs, Photographers, etc… It is open to the public and FREE.

The premise of the night is to try to accomplish a few things:

-Improve the networking and intermingling of Twin Cities People
interested in being a part of the Local Hip Hop Scene

-Educate upcoming artists on the various “Industry Survival Skills” to make it in this changing music industry

-Get the Twin Cities Hip Hop Fans involved in the marketing of local artists to help increase the profiles of local artists. Thus helping create a better connection between TC fans and TC artists in which everyone would benefit

Each month we will:

1)Hear from different artists about their projects and plans.
2)Work together to better promote and push Twin Cities acts.
3)Have Industry Training Sessions on various key components of
the industry: radio play, promotions, social media, record labels,
marketing campaigns, booking shows/touring, etc…
4)Create an environment for artists to connect with graphic
designers, videographers, Producers, fans, etc..

I welcome all of you to come out and contribute, learn, participate and connect with new people!!

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