Record Store Day: MF Doom-Operation Doomsday Lunchbox + Treats!!

April 11, 2011 2 min read

You often hear these phrases thrown around describing MCs; ground-breaking, completely original, or reinvented themselves... Quite often, despite how great their music might be, in terms of those qualities it is a stretch...

MF Doom is one of the few people where you'd be hard-pressed to argue against him in any of those qualities. When him and his brother, Subroc (R.I.P) combined with childhood friend, Onyx, to form K.M.D and create the Mr Hood album in 1991, a masterpiece in it's own right, it was the groundwork for the future greatness to come.

Even just a few years later (1994) with the K.M.D Sophomore album, Black Bastards, they had a similar approach, but vastly evolved the sound. Around the same time, industry politics and personal tragedy forced Doom to go "underground"...

When he re-emerged in '97 on Bobbito's Fondle Em Label he had indeed reinvented himself in style, approach, look, and just about everything else. I remember everyone that heard the 12" ("Hey!", "Dead Bent", & "Gas Drawls") being pretty amazed by it. He continued to drop a a string of singles that all lead up to the now classic album, "Operation Doomsday"...another masterpiece.

It's gone in and out of print for the past several years, but the latest version is the finest and fun-est yet. It features the full original CD Version. Plus a bonus disc with alternative versions, 12" mixes, and all the album instrumentals! I was most excited about the full-color 32 page lyric's quite the experience to read along with Doom on this rollercoaster ride of an album. For some additional fun Jeff Jank & Jason Jagel created 10 "Operation: Doomsday" trading cards.


We'll be releasing more details and info about Record Store Day on the blog everyday this week so stay tuned!!

-April 16th, 2011
-11 Am till 8 PM
-Return of the Rhymesayers 5 CDs for $10 Mix & Match (25 titles to choose from)!!!
-Rhymesayers RSD Exclusive Picture Disc Vinyl (Featuring Atmosphere feat Aesop Rock,
Blueprint feat Zero Star, Grieves, Brother Ali [Produced By Jake One], P.O.S, & Evidence!)
-5 for $5 on Select Rhymesayers Posters!!
-25% OFF older Atmosphere CDs (includes over 15 CDs)!!!
-25% OFF Blueprint "1988" CD!!
-Special Guest Artists "Employees" All Day!!
-Autographed Rhymesayers Jersey Giveaway!
-Other RSD Exclusive Items!
-J Goods Custom Shoe Demo + Rhymesayers Custom Airforce 1s
-Soundset Ticket Giveaway!!
-Special deals and discounts all day!
-DJs All Day!
-Free Food (while supplies last)!

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