Blueprint-So Alive (Live Footage)!

April 06, 2011 1 min read

In Fifth Element's recent interview with Blueprint we talked about how the new album sounds live and how it differs from his touring experience with "1988". Blueprintexplained that "1988" reflected the way shows were done in that era, stripped down to two turntables and one mic. With the new musical elements of "Adventures In Counter-Culture" he felt the need to mirror that experience on stage. He's done that by adding a Bass Player, plus instruments and Gadgets for him to use on stage; keyboards, effects pedals, & midi controllers. Concerning the "Adventures In Counter-Culture" live experience, Blueprint said, "I want the stage show to have the same roller coaster ride that the record has it. When people (are listening to the album) they don't know what to expect next and when they see me live I want it to be the exact same experience.

Check out this live performance from Blueprint of the song "So Alive", live from The Showbox in Seattle, WA while he was on tour with Macklemore & Ryan Lewis!

Filmed & Edited by Daniel Torok

Motion Graphics by Sean Monahan -

Artwork by Eric Carlson

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