FE Thursdays: Network & Parlay March featuring Siddiq (RSE CEO), Proper Soundscheck, Music Video Presentation, Maximizing Retail, Twin Cities Hip Hop Video Game, and more!!

March 18, 2011 2 min read

Last months launch of Network & Parlay was a complete success! It was a packed house and we received some great feedback from people who are excited to make it back to future events.

Here's what we have planned for March:

-Siddiq (Rhymesayers CEO): Will speak about the state of record
labels and what labels, including Rhymesayers, are looking for
in artists in todays market!

-Randy Hawkins (First Ave & Rhymesayers Sound Tech): Proper
This is one that many local artists need to be in
attendance for. As a pre-cursor, Soundcheck doesn't mean
"stage practice". There are particular things to listen for and
certain techniques to getting most from your sound tech for
the best sounding show possible.

-Kevin Beacham: Maximizing Retail! Advice on how
to get the most out of having your music in a retail store.
Including ways to help your CD stand out from the 1000 other
releases out there.

-Dave Wilson: Videographer
. Dave is the man behind Atmosphere's latest
video, "Just For Show". As well as videos for Prof, A.G., etc...
See some videos below!!

-Basic Info on Network & Parlay

This is a Twin Cities Networking Night for Fans, Videographers, DJs, Graphic Designers, Promoters, Producers, MCs, Photographers, etc... It is open to the public and FREE.

The premise of the night is to try to accomplish a few things:

-Improve the networking and intermingling of Twin Cities People
interested in being a part of the Local Hip Hop Scene

-Educate upcoming artists on the various "Industry Survival Skills" to make it in this changing music industry

-Get the Twin Cities Hip Hop Fans involved in the marketing of local artists to help increase the profiles of local artists. Thus helping create a better connection between TC fans and TC artists in which everyone would benefit

Each month we will:

1)Hear from different artists about their projects and plans.
2)Work together to better promote and push Twin Cities acts.
3)Have Industry Training Sessions on various key components of
the industry: radio play, promotions, social media, record labels,
marketing campaigns, booking shows/touring, etc...
4)Create an environment for artists to connect with graphic
designers, videographers, Producers, fans, etc..

I welcome all of you to come out and contribute, learn, participate and connect with new people!!

Dave Wilson Music Videos:

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