SXSW Profile: Sage Francis (FE Presents: Industry Survival Skills Panelist

March 15, 2011 2 min read

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Sage Francis is a one man army. Of course, he has had a team, labels, and associates to help him along his path, but he's always been ready and capable to do whatever needs to done on his own; books his own tours, do his own merch, start his own label, and of course record lots of great music!

In his 10+ years of releasing music Sage has worked with small indies (Anticon, Lex) to signing with Epitaph, as well as starting his own Strange Famous Records. He has also successfully managed his career on his own and continued to entertain all over the world with a active tour schedule*.

All of these experiences as a self-sufficient, resourceful, and cutting edge artist makes him a valuable asset on our "Industry Survival Skills Panel" who has lots of great advice & experiences to upcoming artists.

If you don't know about the man himself, get familiar:
Strange Famous Website

*Sage just recently announced he will no longer maintain his rigid
tour schedule in order to focus on other things; writing,
producing, recording, etc...


Fifth Element has assembled a panel of key artists and professionals in the business to discuss the best ways artists can be self-sufficient and successful in this changing industry!!

We will discuss everything from Social Media, Touring/Booking, Radio, Management, State Of Record Labels, Best Ways To Invest Money, and more!!

MODERATOR: Kevin Beacham

Shad (Decon)
Blueprint (Rhymesayers)
Sage Francis (Strange Famous)
Zach Quillen (The Agency Group)
Jessica Weber (Co-Sign)
John Shaw (Select O Hits)
Cool Nutz (Executive Branch Management)

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