Educated Consumers + K-Cromozone + Cam One = First Name Basis (Special Fifth Element Deals!)

March 11, 2011 2 min read

Educated Consumers [T.E.C.k-Producer and Seez Mics-MC) have been on the scene for quite some time now. The crew specializing in '90s styled production layered with clever word-play, quite often delivered about important topics, but with a healthy dose of sarcasm and humor. Many also might recognize Seez Micsas a regular competitor at Scribble Jam MCs battles, where he held his own with some of the best.

The latest project is First Name Basis, which is a collaborative project between Educated Consumers, Cam Oneand K-Cromozone. Cam One is a producer takes his beats and his weapon of choice, a.k.a The MPC, very seriously. K-Cromozone contributes the other of the vocals on the project, alongside Seez Mics, and his been a frequent collaborator of Educated Consumers thru out the years.

The album, appropriately titled "So...Nice To Meet To You", sets the tone for the theme with "Greetings & Salutations". The track formally introduces you to each members, breaking down their function, history and of course their First Names, "My name's Cole a.k.a Seez Mic/Rich in experience, living a cheap late." Those sort of clever one-liners are Seez Mics trademark and one found sprinkled thru out the album.

Seez and K-Cromozone display great chemistry together, often rhyming back and forth, building off each other. The productions maintains that 90s jazzy boom bap feel. There's also effective use of recognizable vocal samples and hooks by the likes of EPMD, CL Smooth, and Slick Rick.

For a limited time (UNTIl 3.31.11) you can get First Name Basis "So...Nice To Meet You" for just $9.99! When you purchase online you get 2 bonus remixes tracks!!

First Name Basis-Greetings & Salutations:
[audio:|titles=Greetings & Salutations]

First Name Basis-So...Nice To Meet You
[audio:|titles=So... Nice To Meet You]

As even a bigger added bonus, for that same time, you can also pick up some older Educated Consumers projects on CD for just $5.99!!


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