RedefineHipHop: A.G. A.K.A Andre The Giant (D.I.T.C, Show & A.G., Trinity) Interview PT 1 & 2

March 04, 2011 3 min read 3 Comments

A.G. is one of the few Hip Hop artists, who debuted in the early 90s, who has still managed to stay active and relevant on the scene, including connecting with a younger audience. He made his formal entrance in '90 on Lord Finesse's debut album, "Funky Technician". Not only was he the only guest on this pioneering, classic album, and influential album, but he was featuring on two tracks. Of the two appearance, "Keep It Flowing" stands out as the best of the two as he drops lines like, "Thought you could bumrush, but you had to retreat though, 'You're still saying damn to a rhyme he said a week ago'". In any event, A.G. shined on both tracks and established himself as MC to check for in the '90s.

He came back a year with another two powerful verses on Lord Finesse's follow up album, "Return Of The Funkyman". His first appearance on the album is on one of Hip Hop's finest posse cuts, "Yes You May", best remembered for the classic Percee P verse. Although, A.G. definitely displays his advanced skills with mutli-syllabic patterns with lines like, "This was seen from a close fan/One crawl/Some fall/None stall/Not all/But most ran." and his nice rhyming of "Competition I hurt and spoil/leave em under dirt and soil". However, perhaps A.G. best shows the skills on "Fat For The 90s", "You're low budget/and my skills are so rugged/I make peace, you wanna keep beef, so f**k it/Round up the best MCs and confront me/One on one they gets done, they better jump me/Me against your crew, now that's a fair fight/Me get done one on one, yeah right." Not long after that he claims, "I Speak with a hyper tone/The Baddest Mutha Fu**a to ever hold a microphone" and informs, "The mic's in my hand, raise your arm God/Me & Finesse on the same team, come on that's a bomb squad."

Around the same time, Showbiz & A.G. officially hit the scene as a group with the "Soul Clap" 12". The rest of '92 saw them rarely slowing down with a series of singles, a EP, and ultimately the "Runaway Slave" album. Although he had previously set the tone as a "battle rapper", the album balanced it out with thought provoking lyrics on tracks such as "Hold Ya Head", "More Than One Way Out The Ghetto", "He Say, She Say" and the title track, "Runaway Slave".

In Part one A.G talks about The meaning of the name, Growing up in the Bronx, Battling/connecting with Lord Finesse, Battle Stories (Percee P, DMX, etc...), New Music Seminar, & Similarities of Country music and Hip Hop!!

In Part two he speaks on why Showbiz & A.G. had to sell their first record out the car trunk independently, he reflects on "Runaway Slave" including key highlights, How D.I.T.C formed how he's stayed focused and inspired, and why Showbiz stopped rhyming!!

Lord Finesse featuring A.G.-Keep It Flowing ("Funky Technician" '90)

[audio:|titles=09 Keep It Flowing]

Lord Finesse featuring A.G.-Fat For the 90s ("Return Of The Funkyman '92)

[audio:|titles=Fat For The 90's (feat. A.G.) 1]

Showbiz & A.G.-More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto ("Runaway Slave" '92)

[audio:|titles=04 More Than One Way Out of the Ghetto]

Showbiz & A.G.-40 Acres and My Props ("Runaway Slave" '92)
[audio:|titles=06 40 Acres and My Props]

Check back tomorrow when I drop Parts 3 & 4 as he talks about the diferent version of Goodfellas, why there was a 3 year gap between Goodfellas and Full Scale, and his various A.G. solo & side projects; including working with Dilla, Everything's Berri, and his upcoming project on Fat Beats, Trinity (A.G., Sadat X, and DJ Jab)!

Written By Kevin Beacham
Video Edited By Scott Adkins

AG Appears courtesy of Redapples45

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