Local Spotlight: Auddio Draggon [Xilam Balam + Mr Gene Poole]-History, Welcome To MN Tour, and New Music!!

February 14, 2011 1 min read 1 Comment

 Auddio Draggon is a new project from Headshots/Rhymesayers O.G.s, Xilam Balam (of Los Nativos) and Mr Gene Poole(Dynospectrum, Phull Surkle, D.A.P.O). For the last several months they have been crafting, melodic yet intense music and preparing to unleash it on the world.

Both Xilam Balam(Via Los Nativos) and Mr Gene Poole are special guest on the upcoming Atmosphere "Welcome To MN" tour where they will preview some tracks from the Auddio Draggon project for the first time live on stage!

FE decided this would be a perfect time to sit down with them at Balam's studio, where the magic takes place, and talk to them about their early connection with Headshots/Rhymesyers, how they first met, where theAuddio Draggon concept came from, and their appearance on the "Welcome To MN" tour!!

Be sure to check the FE Exclusive download track,"Storms",  from the Auddio Draggon below!!


Download: "Minnesota Nice" featuring Slug, Prof (Stophouse), Mr. Gene Poole & Felipe Cuauhtli

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Audio Dragons Chilam Balam & Mr Gene Poole « tchiphop.com

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