Seven Years With Atmosphere & Rhymesayers Books (Standard & Deluxe) are back in stock + In Store Signing Recap/Photos!!

December 29, 2010 1 min read 1 Comment

After some snow drama and holiday mail delays, we have both books back in stock again!! Get yours now and own a piece of Atmosophere + Rhymesayers History! Don't forget the Deluxe is limited edition, not to be reprinted.

Also, Friend of Rhymesayers and Fifth Element, Ben of Burlesque Design shot these pictures at the Seven Years with Atmosphere & Rhymesayers Book Release and Signing at Fifth Element!

Order the book now from Fifth Element! Standard | Deluxe

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Fifth Element: | Twitter | Facebook | Myspace


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February 11, 2013

Thank you, Brady. This is extremely enquoelt. Rest in Peace, Mikey. We will do our best to continue his legacy of improv(ing), recognizing the importance of audience and bringing every last drop of ourselves to the stage. It is the least we can do.I am speaking on behalf both myself and the band I am part of when I write this. You are both an inspiration, every time I sit down to write and every time we perform together, I tap into his eyedeas. I (we) can’t thank y’all enough.Love,is and of the

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