Rhymesayers Hip Hop Class and Showcase featuring M.anifest & Hosted By P.O.S!!

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RSVP FOR DEC 15th at the Triple Rock w/M.anifest (Headliner) & P.O.S (Host)!

From the moment I first heard Hip Hop I made a pledge to myself, "Find everything that sounds like this!" It wasn't long after that I learned it wasn't just music, but a Culture. That evolved the mission to "learn all I can about this Culture!"

I've been an active and eager student every since. As years went by, more knowledge and music was collected, I increasingly met more people who were also intrigued by Hip Hop. I was more than willing to share all had and knew. In truth, you could hardly shut me up on the subject. I was always talking someone's ear off about new artists, analyzing lyrics, trying to piece together history, etc...

It was that sort of enthusiasm and persistence that lead to many things in my career; Radio Show Host, Freelance Journalist, Magazine Creator/Co-Owner, etc... All of which are things that I had never even thought of doing, but just presented themselves based on my activity in the Culture.

However, I was still somewhat surprised when I started to get offers to do lectures/panels on Hip Hop Culture and History; Music Conferences, Youth Summer Camps, High School, Junior High, Colleges, etc...

This all took a giant leap forward in 2005 when Chris Strouth approached me with the idea of teaching a Hip Hop class at The Institute Of Production & Recording. It was like a dream come true and I was excited to turn it into reality! We worked hard to develop a special experience for the kids via our "Rhymesayers Presents: Hip Hop Essentials Class".

It's a class exclusively for IPR students where I'm the course teacher and also teach Hip Hop history. The Rhymesayers staff teaches the business side of things, giving real life examples of how we do our everyday business. Then Rhymesayers artists come in to showcase different sides of their artistry and gives pointers on different elements to be successful. It changes all the time, with previous experiences such as; Ant making a beat live in class. Slug, Brother Ali, or Toki Wright laying vocals live in the studio with the class. I Self Devine showing how to have a successful live show. P.O.S talking about song arrangement. Plain Ole Bill displaying the skills and importance of the DJ. All that, plus the opportunity to ask questions and work hands-on with some of these artists as well. The possibilities are endless...

From there students take all the applied knowledge and need to; 1)Make music together, 2)Book a local show to perform the music along with local openers and headliners, & 3)Market and Promote their music/show!!!

Overall, it's a pretty intense and amazing experience. Come join us at the end of this quarter for the latest showcase at Triple Rock for just $3!!


Rhymesayers & IPR Present: The Groove Movement
- Wednesday, December 15th (18+ & only $3!!)
- Headliner: M.anifest (His first local headlining show since his return from Ghana!)
- Hosted By: P.O.S (fresh off the Doomtree tour and 2010 Blowout!)
- Hip Hop Essentials Student Project: ENVE
-IPR Student Support Group: Midwest Connect
- DJ Morplay
- Doors 9 P.M. (Be early and catch the full experience!!)
- IPR Students/Staff free with School ID

-Written By Kevin Beacham

M.anifest-Coming To America ( upcoming Spring 2011 release - "Coming to America: immigrant chronicles." Song Produced by Budo).

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Rhymesayers Hip-Hop Class & Showcase ft M.anifest & Hosted By P.O.S – DEC 15 « CrowdNoize Twin Cities
Rhymesayers Hip-Hop Class & Showcase ft M.anifest & Hosted By P.O.S – DEC 15 « CrowdNoize Twin Cities

December 14, 2010

[…] Words from Kevin Beacham about the event after the jump. Fifth Element Blog Info Page. […]

Tweets that mention Learn more about the Hip Hop Class & show w/ & Hosted by P.O.S. PEEP: -- Topsy.com
Tweets that mention Learn more about the Hip Hop Class & show w/ & Hosted by P.O.S. PEEP: -- Topsy.com

December 07, 2010

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