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November 19, 2010 3 min read 2 Comments

Peace, greetings, and salutations I go by the name of I Self Devine. What you are reading is my attempt at communicating to a wider audience through blogging. Being very hands on, I have been reluctant to embrace technology for several reasons. Reason 1, Though I see the power and importance of computers I have resisted since day one due to a unexplained paranoia. Reason 2, the addiction and dependency of computers and the notion that communicating through these devices trumps human contact and reason 3, despite my career choices in music, art, politics and culture that thrust me in some spot lights, I enjoy privacy and anonymity and strive to hold on to that while being accessible. If I could do what I do without showing my face I would be cool with that. But as we all know Ghostface and MF Doom respectfully beat me to the punch.

Who am I? A MC and lyricist, graffiti artist, muralist and bomber raised by Hip Hop culture, an avid record collector, quasi-beat maker, a father, a Die-hard Lakers supporter!!! a community organizer, leader, team player, speaker, trainer, and closet screen writer. I consider myself a Field General a veteran who has survived the tail end of the pro-black era, the crack era, Reagan era, and gang epidemic. I was born and raised in Los Angeles California living there for the first 16 years of life. In those first 16 years I experienced three-life times worth of struggling, surviving and living, which would shape my temperament, street sense, intuition and outlook on the world. A Field General to me is a commander with strategies handling real problems through various methods and mediums. An expert in all that is field.

I have decided to call this blog “Reports From The Field”. The field is the ground level view, the commoner’s perspective the everyday things that effect and reflect us. I define the field as the course, dug out, pit, kitchen, garden, play ground, barber shop, check cashing line, corner, bus stop, coffee shop, subway platform, and cubicle. The field is not the sidelines, suites, lounges, VIP room’s mansion’s, yachts, country clubs, summer homes, boardrooms or ivory towers.

The images I have chosen for my logo is comprised of the AK-47 which is the standard weapon of choice for insurgents, outlaws, terrorist, rebels and criminals for it’s simple design, adaptation to mass production, it’s inexpensive to manufacture, easy to clean and maintain. It’s ruggedness and reliability is legendary. It symbolizes defiance and resistance. The megaphone is connected to speaking, communication, passion, motivation, demonstrations and uprisings.

This blog will cover culture, politics, movies, documentaries, art, food, economics, health, love, music, democracy racial justice, violence, fire, jokes, mistakes, apologies, fashion, language, critiques, exclusive leaked material, awards, analysis, duality, contradictions, contraband, trends, advice, recipes, sports, secrets, technology and movement.

I hope this blog cuts and connects through color, class, gender, and faith to communicate the real in a fashion we all can overstand in hopes to uplifts inspires and communicate. My goal is to “make it plain”.

Before I flash out I wanted to leave you with a few things. Here is a link to an excellent documentary about the American Indian Movement called "Taking AIM"

Taking AIM is a documentary that explores the origins of the American Indian Movement. At a time of great social change and unrest, brave American Indians fought the injustice that had left them “beggars in their own land.”

And Freedom Day by Max Roach and Abbey Lincoln from Freedom Now Suite which is a song that puts a smile on my face:

In Solidarity

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November 20, 2010

Hello Chaka,

Thank you for the invitation to view this page. I believe a blog for the hip hop community is a wonderful idea! I will as supportive and involved as I can!


Chia Lor [aka. Chilli]

Tweets that mention just debuted a new FE Column "Reports From The Field" by artist -- Topsy.com
Tweets that mention just debuted a new FE Column "Reports From The Field" by artist -- Topsy.com

November 19, 2010

[…] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Rhymesayers Ent and BENZILLA, Fifth Element. Fifth Element said: just debuted a new FE Column "Reports From The Field" by @rhymesayers artist @ISelfDevine: http://bit.ly/bLundn […]

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