RedefineHipHop: Masai Bey

November 16, 2010 2 min read

Masai Beyis one of the most original and refreshing voices in Hip Hop's recent times. However, he's not new to the scene, with releases dating back to the 90s and a rich history of paying dues and honing his craft previous to that.

Particularly, since the turn of the decade he's released a rather steady stream of high quality music. Many of these projects have been self released projects and thus lacking full on marketing campaigns to spread the word. Despite that, Masai Bey gives all he has to offer in heart, soul, talent, & certainly style.

I sat down with Masai Bey a few months to outline his history in the game (shouts to Fat Beats for the filming location!)

PART ONE: Growing up In Staten Island, Evolving from DJ to Human Beat Box to MC,
Influences/inspirations, recording with Stetsasonic, and more!

PART TWO: History of The Muddbones (w/Cage), hooking up Pete Nice, his Father's musical legacy, his production sound and set up, and more!

PART THREE: History of Weathermen, the Def Jux single, and Current + Upcoming projects!!

Masai Bey Brief Audio History:

Tree Preservation (1993 Demo)
[audio:|titles=01 Tree Preservation]

The Untitled (1993 Demo)
[audio:|titles=02 The Untitled]

Paranoid Android-Last House On The Left '99
[audio:|titles=Paranoid Android-Last House On The Left]

Paper Mache (Def Jux Single '02)
[audio:|titles=07 Paper Mache]

Rep Yo Set Promo (Natural Magic Music Myspace Promo '06)
[audio:|titles=Masai Bey-Rep Yo Set Promo]

Radical Radio (Natural Magic Music '06)
[audio:|titles=08 Radical Radio]

Slave New World (Panacea Goldmind '06)
[audio:|titles=Masai Bey - Slave New World]

Sounds Like Reign (C87 = Masai Bey + BMS '07)
[audio:|titles=01 Sounds Like Reign]

Youtheniks (Vitamin EP '08)

Beat Root (Art Of The Covenant '09)
[audio:|titles=Beat Root]

Life Preserver (Noise EP '09)
[audio:|titles=Life Preserver]

The Bronx (Beboppin '10)
[audio:|titles=07 the bronx]


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