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What’s good true believers! Recently, the decision was made that the Fifth Element blog needs some comic book coverage, because rap and comics go together like pork chops and apple sauce (I see you Peter Brady!). I’ve recently re-immersed myself in the world comic books and there is a lot of awesome stuff out there right now. A lot has changed since I stopped being a regular reader in the late 90s and some characters have been put through an annoying amount of ridiculous stories that were meant to keep the books fresh and exciting but really end up just taking a big dump on the classic heroes we know and love( don’t even get me started on Spiderman, who was without a doubt my favorite character growing up and has been put through one of the worst creative wringers imaginable. But more on that another time.) Basically I’ll be giving some short reviews on some of the joints (they could be regular series or graphic novels) you should be checking for, and maybe even some rags that you should avoid at all cost (I read these turds so you don’t have to be put through the anguish). So here we go!

1. Nemesis (ICON)

There’s a lot of reasons to dig on this one. First it’s by one of the best creative teams working in comics right now. Mark Millar and Steve McNiven have given us Marvel’s “Civil War” crossover series, the epic “Old Man Logan” miniseries (which I’ll talk more about in a bit) as well as a bunch of other rad books (Millar is the guy behind the comic “Kick Ass” which went on to become a pretty good comic based movie). Secondly, the premise is “what if Batman were evil.” Whoa. I was hooked right there. This limited series follows the twisted adventures of Matthew Anderson aka Nemesis, as he scours the globe for the best police detectives to match wits with. His end goal is to down the cop that put his family away (and eventually had them executed) for running a strange rich-people-who-hunt-runaways club. McNiven’s art is top notch and the story flows like a straight up action movie. Which makes sense because this is being developed for the Hollywood treatment as we speak. All the more reason to get on it so you can have a step up on all the people who dick-ride the movie after it comes out.

2. Astonishing Spiderman & Wolverine (Marvel)

Two of everyone’s favorite Marvel characters are paired up in this limited 6 issue series, which I believe is on issue 4. I asked the dudes at the comic shop if this was any good and they answered “YES” in unison so fast that I bought the 3 issues that they had with the quickness. They were right and I was not disappointed. The story follows Spidey and Logan as they’re thrown all over the time stream with no idea who is responsible. It starts in prehistoric times and the dudes are stuck on Earth during its last days at the current juncture. Adam Kubert’s art great and tells Jason Aarons’ story well, all while maintaining both characters’ respective aesthetics. Pick this one up, really entertaining stuff.

3. The Boys (Dynamite)

Hands down my favorite shit out right now. Start with Volume one: The Name of the Game. I read volumes 1-6 in like 3 hours. I’m exaggerating but seriously that’s how fast they went. This book is like crack. Written by Garth Ennis (of Preacher and Punisher fame) and drawn by Darick Robertson, this story follows “The Boys,” who are pretty much the goon squad who monitor and police the totally out of control super heroes of their world. It basically caricatures of classic heroes who in this world are egomaniacal madmen employed by the all-powerful Vought Corporation. Their primary role is to exist as merchandising machines for Vought, and they use their celebrity status to get away with murder (literally)…not to mention binge on drugs, prostitutes and more drugs. The supes get a little (read: a lot) out of control sometimes, and it’s The Boys job to get the dirt and expose them in some cases, and in others kick the living shit out of the corrupt bastards to teach them a lesson (and/or just off them altogether). Put simply, this book is the shit and I highly recommend it. Seriously; Volume one, go get it. NOW.

Ok, so that’s it for this round. Next time I’ll be talking about two things; one is the aforementioned Millar and McNiven’s “Old Man Logan” series, which was recently repackaged in a soft cover graphic novel edition, making it a bit more affordable than the previous hard cover collection. Then I’ll be airing out my personal gripes with the last 10-12 years of Spiderman comics, which I recently had the displeasure of catching up on, and why I think that the new creative team on Amazing Spiderman might just succeed in bringing the wall crawler out of the depths of the crappy story arcs of the last decade or so. IT’S YOUR BOY!!

-Written By Jimmy2times

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November 14, 2010

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