FE Thursdays: Special Open Mic “Dedicated to Eyedea” Photos!

November 05, 2010 2 min read 2 Comments

Last night at FE we transformed our monthly Open Mic (1st Thursday of every month!) into an all out Freestyle exhibition and challenge. The formatting was a throwback to the nights that Eyedea hosted there many years ago.

It was a full house, with a lot of hungry upcoming, as well as established MCs; Toki Wright, Carnage, Kristoff Krane, Knonam, Unknown Prophets, Audio Perm, Yakub, I.B.E, Mally, Desdamona, ST Paul Slim, Medium Zach, Ice Rod, Glo (Abstract Pack), Crazy Amy, Felipe (Los Nativos), Scuzz, Sean Anon (Wide Eyes)and many more MCs rocked the mic or just observed the scene for nearly 3 hours straight while Plain Ole Bill dropped beats all night!*

Many of the Freestyle Challenges were in honor of Eyedea's "Game Night". For those that don't know, "Game Night" was a private invite only after hours event that was held at Fifth Element several years ago with some of the Twin Cities finest freestyle MCs. The night consisted of all sorts of freestyle games that were designed to push the limits of peoples freestyle abilities. Last night many of those games were reintroduced as MCs were challenged on words, syllables, styles, topics, stories, tandems, and more. Although there were a lot of struggles, it's not called a challenge for nothing, there many shining moments when MCs found the right challenge for them.

Thanx for everyone who came out to watch and salute to all the MCs to participate. I encourage to take some of those "games" and continue to challenge yourself to build up your freestyle repertoire!

Photos By Sable Cofrin:

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2nd Thursdays: Cut Class (All DJs, All Skill Levels welcome to come to learn and/or showcase)
3rd Thursdays: Last Of The Records Buyers (All Producers bring down your beats!)
4th Thursdays: CURRENTLY ON HIATUS (Event Update Soon!!)

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Also, join us as we celebrate the life of Michael "Eyedea" Larsen next week! Be sure to get your tickets ASAP for the Eyedea Benefit next Tuesday! Tickets Available At Fifth Element!!

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October 01, 2012

I may come through this thursday. not trying to freestyle tho haha id get roasted, just trying to perform a quick one then observe. Im still working on my off the domes.


November 22, 2010

I was there it was a good time. I got the opportunity to watch people do their biz and honor Eyedea with freestyle. Not to mention i got to learn a lot. Bars, tempo, and actually how to freestyle better. These open mics are the ish. Rest in peace eyedea much love.


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