Grip Grand Interview PT 1 of 4 + Exclusive Free Album!

October 25, 2010 2 min read 1 Comment

From the first time I heard Hip Hop in '79 I made a promise to myself to "Find everything that sounds like this", that later upgraded to "everything good or great that sounds like that"...ha. Over the years the methods to do so have evolved, but the mission is still on.

Sometimes that involves clicking a interesting link I see online and often spending countless hours going thru myspace and bandcamp pages. Or course, most times you don't find what you are looking for, but every so often you come across a jewel which reminds you why you still love Hip Hop.

In '08, it was one of those missions that lead me to Grip Grand. After hearing some of tracks on his Myspace page I hit him up to get more info and music. That eventually lead to him sending me his "Brokelore" album. I was impressed with his love for Hip Hop, great writing, attention to detail, creative production, unique voice, and intriguing guest performers (EX: A.G.& Percee P).

Since "Brokelore" he's been active online, leaking a steady stream of great music. His latest project is "Cassette Trippin". Here he goes for the throat over a arsenal of banging beats, including many 80s/90s classic by the likes of Raekwon, Black Starr, MF Doom, Gang Starr, and Special Ed.

Also, if you download "Cassette Trippin" from Fifth Element you get the album lyrics as well as a bonus Grip Grandinstrumental album called "Brokebeat" with over 80 beats +interludes! Get it all for FREE now:

Also, if you aren't up on the previous Grip Grand Projects we have them on sale now. Priced super-low to get people up on his older music and prepared for his next official album coming soon:

Brokelore CD for $5.99!
Welcome To Broakland CD $5.99!
"Progress" Rare 12" $9.99


"Definition" From Cassette Trippin:
[audio:|titles=13 Definition]

Showtime (That's Entertainment) From "Brokelore":
[audio:|titles=01 Showtime (that's entertainment)]

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Tweets that mention Cassette Trippin' is here. Extinction level event. --
Tweets that mention Cassette Trippin' is here. Extinction level event. --

October 25, 2010

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