Rah Digga-Classic [Produced By Nottz] (2010)

October 05, 2010 3 min read

Generally naming your album something such as “Classic” opens the doors for encouraging people to pick it apart under a microscope and/or setting a bar so high that disappointment is easy to achieve.

However, Rah Digga named her album just that and fought through those obstacles the old fashioned way, raw skills. She partnered with Nottz to handle all the production, definitely helping give the album a focused sound.

I imagine one of the things that people might complain about is exactly the same thing that many, including myself, will appreciate about the album, she’s just spitting! The album is mainly about her grabbing the mic and going for hers.

Rah Digga drops some of her most memorable quotables in the title track, “Classic”. She Drops gems like, “I’m actually…how should I put it/Lead bullet/Pulitzer, vintage, authentic, at its fullest/No Teleprompts or cop cars just bomb bars/Look how s**t fell apart so I took some time off/Say, when’s the last time you’re a** pressed rewind...” Or the excellent closing verse, “Trying to be nice, giving cats time to forfeit/So classic, even my car’s historic/Classic! You other rap crews boring/I leak one joint, watch all the news just pour in/Launch like torrents/Y’all fools is dormant/Renegade, flying overseas, two warrants.”

I suppose the closest thing to an obvious single would be “Feel Good”. Like Rah Digga states at the tracks opening, it has a “funk rock” feel. It’s one of the beats that I could imagine a lot of the top MCs wishing they had a chance to rock on. Rah Digga holds her on it, but it’s probably the most direct and stripped down lyrically, as she brings it more into a club atmosphere…not a flashy club though, something a lil more dark and dirty. Then in the last 19 seconds Nottz totally flips the beat into a whole other direction that leaves you hungry for more as it fades away.

The track that really blew my mind when I first heard it and still has me bugging out is “Viral”. Rah Digga rocks it from the perspective of what the people on the net have to say about her; the positive and the negative. It’s hard to explain, but her approach to the concept allows her to come heavy with the punchlines, yet still real genuine and witty. Nottz let’s the beat resonate with the theme perfectly, using a variety of “classic” internet tones over his signature knocking drum programming.

The album closes with, “You Got It”, which has Nottz flipping the most creative use of Bobby Byrd’s “You Know I Got Soul” that you are likely to find. Rah Digga continues the lyrical onslaught, throwing in a handful of references to her peers, “Got my eyes on the prize, Got a lil bit of G Rap, a lil bit of Nas/Soul like De La with Trugoy and Pos/Make em drop to their knees Friday’s at the Mosque/When I Rhyme, lots of oohs and ahs/Be da realest like Plies/Some would say I’m the realest alive”.

They keep the album short an effective with just ten tracks, not one over four minutes and zero cameos or features. While there are certainly some stand out tracks, namely the above mentioned, there is also no filler.

Rah Digga has been always been nice since the days of The Outsidaz on through to the days with Flipmode. “Classic” is an excellent example of her showcasing 15 plus years of sharpening her impressive rhyme skills. Meanwhile, Nottz gives a glimpse of what to expect on his upcoming solo joint, “You Need This Music”, dropping later this month (10-26-10).


Rah Digga-Classic
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Rah Digga-Viral
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Written By Kevin Beacham

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