Last Of The Records Buyers: Audio Perm

September 30, 2010 1 min read 1 Comment

Audio Perm is a Twin Cities production team comprised of Cory Grindberg, Julian Fairbanks, & Taylor Madrigal. They've been building up their name as a young and talented production unit to keep an ear on.

LRB went out on a record digging mission with them and then followed up a couple days later to see what they were able to craft from their finds:

Their latest CD release is an all instrumental exploration into a variety of sounds and vibes. With just over 30 beats, you are bound to find more than a few joints that fit your taste. All three producers provide several tracks that really caught my attention, showcasing that the crew is well rounded and everyone holds their own.

I'm guessing as this CD continues to spread around, MCs as well as Hip Hop fans, will start to take more notice that Audio Perm is definitely a production crew ready to make moves and keep it "in full effect" with the beats!

Buy Now for just $4.99!: Audio Perm- "In Full Effect!"

Here's the full beats they made from their digging mission:

Julian Fairbanks-Leaving Shire:
[audio:|titles=Leaving Shire]

Cory Grindberg-Ham:

Taylor Madrigal: Unfortunately he wasn't around when we shot the second half of the video but we were able to get him to submit his sample and beat:

Taylor Madrigal-Hammer:
[audio:|titles=Taylor Madrigal - Hammer]

Sample: Deodato-Crabwalk
[audio:|titles=Deodato - Crabwalk]


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