12″ Review: Defiant Giants-Rise Black Man Rise! (1990)

September 25, 2010 2 min read 2 Comments

This was a new discovery for me just a couple months ago when record shopping in one of my favorite spots in Virginia (shout to my daughter, Alyssa Nikole, my VA tour guide).

The label is in the Washington DC area (Washington Hit Makers Records Inc). The production is well done with a nice of mix of James Brown-Say It Loud (Black & Proud), Funkadelic-One Nation Under The Groove, Afrika Bambaataa-Planet Rock, & something that is currently escaping my memory.

Lyrically, the title tells it all. This was a time when the Pro-Black movement in Hip Hop was kicking in strong. The influence of BDP, Public Enemy, & Jungle Brothers of the late 80s had assisted in the 90s explosion of X Clan, Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, and many more. However, Defiant Giants come off very true to the subject and not just following the trend. The back of the single even lists a number, not just for booking and shows, but also for speaking engagements. The first verse takes a general approach, then the next three verses focus on a series of black icons through out history and their accomplishments.

The crew is Mercurator T.P.S, The Warlord, Zulu King Paris, & The Nubian Scholar. The song and the cover art also list them as “Giants From Howard University”. Leading me to believe they all met at the college so possibly they may not actually be from the D.C. area.

The single comes with the Instrumental and bonus beat, but with the original song having nearly two minutes of beats at the ending and those other two versions not being that different, it doesn’t come off as an effective use of the full 12”. Particularly considering this may possibly have be their only release, another song would have surely been the move. In any event, it’s a solid 12” that I’m glad I picked up for just $2 still sealed….

Defiant Giants-Rise Black Man Rise!
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D/L Full Single

Written By Kevin Beacham

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November 09, 2012

I caught this off a google search of this group, doing some research. Just a bit of trivia, one of the members of the group (I think he went by the name Zulu King Paris) is none other than the notorious and controversial Malik Zulu Shabazz, the leader of the New Black Panther Party. I saw them perform at a music conference and they were dope, very animated, and pro-black. Them were the days of rap!


June 19, 2012

Peace & Greetings, I’m one of the members of Defiant Giants (Warlord). My Daughter just forwarded this to me-Just wanted to say thanks for the love on the review.


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