Employee Profile: Kevin Beacham + Interview on The Current “The Local Show” This Sunday!

September 10, 2010 3 min read 1 Comment

"If you don't know the history of the author, you don't know what you are reading"-KRS One ("Build & Destory" off Sex And Violence)

That KRS One quote has resonated in my mind every since I first heard it. Although it doesn't perfectly translate here, I found enough relevance to connect it...or it could be I've just been waiting for years to use it for something...ha.

In any event, Fifth Element isn't just a store. We strive to be an active participant in global Hip Hop culture. It's important for us to personally connect with the fans, the artists, and all the surrounding entities involved in the process. In order to achieve that, people should know more about the people involved.

Being I was invited to be a guest on "The Local Show" (89.3 The Current) this Sunday (6 PM-7 PM) to promote the new Atmosphere release and my new job at Fifth Element, I figured this was as good a time as ever to spark it off.

ABOUT ME: Kevin Beacham

Since discovering Hip Hop in Winter of 1979, I've been a MC, B-boy/Popper, Producer, DJ, Artist Manager, Journalist, Historian, Lecturer, Street Promoter, Hip Hop History & Business School Teacher (Elementary to College Level), Radio Show Host, Scribble Jam Organizer/Host, Rhyme Sayers Employee and absolutely most importantly, a true fan.

I've been working at Rhymesayers since 2003 doing a variety of things; marketing, solicitation, promotions and wherever else I could help out. It's been an amazing experience working for a company that I was already a fan of. Plus after 20+ years trying to turn the Hip Hop lifestyle into a career I had nearly given up on the possibility until the offer to work at Rhymesayers manifested itself, so any many ways, RSE helped me reconfigure my pre-teen dreams of making it big in rap...

However, all the while both myself and RSE CEO, Siddiq, talked about ways I could better lend some of my acquired skills and passions to the company. Talks of me working at Fifth Element took place for years, where we both thought my knowledge of Hip Hop, experience in event organizing, and my passion for working with people could be maximized.

In the Summer of 2010 it finally became a reality. I'm now working full-time at Fifth Element as the Music Buyer, Event Coordinator, and Editor/Manager of the FEO Blog.

My goal here is to be pro-active in connecting the dots between artists and fans. I'm reaching out to all the artists who I have become friends with over the years, as well as building with upcoming artists, to get them involved in what the store is doing in order to make sure Fifth Element is up to date and current on new releases, including rarities and exclusives. Plus hosting more in-store events and teaming up with local venues to be involved with national traveling tours. Plus using the blog to communicate the untold stories of Hip Hop; past, present, and future. The end result is to provide a better and more exclusive experience for the fans.

Check this blog daily for new posts and a range of new and growing ideas; video interviews, tv shows, album reviews, movie review, comic book reviews, show reviews, song premieres, and a growing range of possibilities

Our whole team here is reinvigorated, focused and on a mission, I invite you to join us!

I'll be posting profiles on the rest of the team in the coming weeks, stay tuned...

TUNE IN TO "THE LOCAL SHOW" THIS SUNDAY AT 6 PM: I sit down with Dave Campbell to talk about the new Atmosphere Double EP, play some local music that I'm feeling, talk about some other local artists on the rise, and other misc fun stuff!

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