RedefineHipHop: Son Of Bazerk Pt 5 of 5 + Well Thawed Out Album Review

September 10, 2010 2 min read

Sorry for the delay on getting this final part up. I wanted to write up something on the new album to go with it and I've just rocking it over and over trying to find the right words to describe, my thoughts below.

In the final episode with Son Of Bazerk, they break down the science on the new album, "Well Thawed Out". If you haven't heard this, you need to peep it.

First off, we might want to make it a requirement for any 80s/90s artists set to make a comeback to get with Johnny Juice*. He's one of the hardest working people in this business, but his insane amount of work, not to mention apparent lack of sleep, does not effect the quality. The production is intense, using a barrage of classic breaks mixed with an assortment of unheard sample gems. Then when he steps to the turntables, the cuts are as precise and sharp as ever. Another one of production strengths lies in his scientific approach to the arrangement, using beat changes, drops, & scratches to create an array of moods and moments through out the record.

Speaking of arrangement, the mapped out use of each MCs distinctive voice dropping in and out tracks is very effective and enhances the impact. Their use of classic old school soul/funk chants and references add a classy essence, to match the groups clean cut image. Without a doubt, the whole crew is as hungry as ever and not only aged well over time, but improved their flow and presence.

As far as stand out tracks, I don't even know where to start. The album stays focused with just 8 strong songs. They cover the spectrum of a well rounded album; relationships, party joint, braggadocio, personal insight, stories, and plenty of humor

Currently only available as a digital release, but stay tuned for new releases and if we are lucky, the un-vaulting of those unreleased 90s albums!

Peep the final part (#5) of the interview:


While you are over at youtube, check out Bazerks highly entertaining youtube videos such as "Chased By Zombies".

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*Johnny Juice is currently working on projects with DMC, Cold Crush Brothers, Kings Of Pressure, X-Vandals, & C Boogie Brown (Leaders Of The New School)! The man is a music making machine!

-Written By Kevin Beacham

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