RedefineHipHop: Son Of Bazerk feat Johnny Juice Pt 4 of 5!

September 08, 2010 1 min read

Son Of Bazerk are back with part 4 of our sit down. Here they give the full story on why the 2nd and 3rd albums they record for Soul Records never dropped. Yes, two fully completed albums shelved!! They detail stories of black-balling, bad business dealings, and even recent run-ins with a Bomb Squad member who was reportedly on a mission to shut down their career! This is the most candid I've heard them speak on this subject yet, get the full story!

Here's some of the top joints from the debut album in '91, the new album maintains the same flavor and the skills are as sharp as ever. If you feel these, get that new joint!

One Time For The Rebel
[audio:|titles=One Time For The Rebel]

Trapped Inside The Rage Of Jahwell
[audio:|titles=07 trapped inside the rage of jahwell 1]

Change The Style
[audio:|titles=03 Change the Style 1]

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