RedefineHipHop: Son Of Bazerk Pt 1 and 2 of 5

September 05, 2010 2 min read

I remember circa '91 hearing Son Of Bazerk's "Change The Style" and being blown away by it's collage of sounds and flavor. Later the perfect placement of "What Could Be Better B" in the movie, "Juice" solidified the fact they were coming next level with something refreshing. I got my hands on the album when it dropped and they continued to do damage with some choice stylings such as "The Band Gets Swivey On The Wheels", "One Time For The Rebel", & "Trapped Inside The Rage Of Jahwell".

Innovative rhyme styles, intense interludes, sharp humor, striking imagery and the production backbone of the Bomb Squad seems like a great formula for longevity... or at least a second album, but instead, oddly enough, they disappeared into obscurity.

From time to time through out the years I would wonder what went wrong. About a year ago or so I came across a video on youtube that took place right after the debut album dropped. They talked about a second album being in the works with production by Sir Jinx, 45 King and other intriguing names. Obviously that album never dropped and only intensified the mystery. Not long after hooked up an interview with the crew and shed some light on the subject. While I was out in New York I thought I had an opportunity to talk to the Son Of Bazerk & Jahwell with cameos by Johnny Juice in-depth on just about everything.

This all just in time for brand new music from Son Of Bazerk courtesy of Chuck D's You can head over there and download the first single for free now, "I Swear On A Stack Of Old 45 Hits". The new joint is excellent. They haven't missed a step, in fact they've aged better with time. Johnny Juice is now behind the boards and proves once again that he's a force to be reckoned with on the beats, boards and cuts. Keep a look out for info on the full album! In the meanwhile, check parts one and two of the interview:

PART ONE: In Part 1 they discuss growing up in Long Island, musical inspirations, & Townhouse 3 demos!

PART TWO: Son Of Bazerk drop jewels on how they meet up with Spectrum CIty (a.k.a Public Enemy), how they introduced Flavor Flav to Chuck D, some Long Island neighborhood Hip Hop legends, and the story behind the crazy club interludes on their debut album!!

-Written & Interviewed by Kevin Beacham

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