Album Review: Stedy Serv-11 (One on One)

August 20, 2010 3 min read

Stedy Serv is a certified Chicago Hip Hop legend. As prestigious as they may sound, his name deserved to extend beyond that, but never manifested. However, the clock of destiny is still ticking, music is still being made and the skills are still firmly in tact.

By the time he released the classic 12” that would official plant the roots for his legend status he had already been making jams and rocking stages for many years. However, in ’94 the release of “You Know The Time” made a powerful statement; with the musically mastery of Andy C, the ever capable hands of Tone B Nimble on the cuts, and the humble, yet elegant stylings of Stedy Serv on the mic. Despite the rising buzz and interest locally, not soon after Serv had slipped into the shadows.

Over the years he stepped on to the scene for a quick show, to leak a demo or two, or maybe just randomly appear into a rhyme cipher, but never any other official releases.

Finally in 2006 a building partner-ship with DJ Edikut (Norph Productions) resulted in Stedy Serv’s debut full length, 11 (One on One). Soon as I was aware of this I knew I had to get my hands on it, I was confident that Stedy Servs’s love for the culture would aid in preservation of his skills.

The sound is different than it was ’94, but then again why shouldn’t it be? Edikut has excellent knowledge and skills in the Electro realm and brings that aesthetic to the production*: heavy synths, mystically background noises, and drums with a liquid flow, but often mechanical sound.

Honestly, the biggest issue with the album is the sequencing. On the eleven-track album, the best cuts are arguably the complete second half of the album. Right in line with that, track five, “Math Is” starts with what could have been the perfect album opener, “Made a little noise in ’94 but not enough to quit my day job and go on tour/A little rotation, thanks to college radio, but I’m blessed cause I’m still here, everything is flowing as usual.”

His flow has a real laid-back, somewhat effortless, approach, but is still swift. That style is probably best represented on “Life Support” where he drops the gem, “I Shine brighter than a light bulb operating with more than a million watts, won’t misuse my power while a million or more children watch/The conscious rap obligation/The only side-effects from my items are still Positive Energy Always Creates Elevation.”

"Warning" showcases his gifted word-play with a endless amount of wit and cleverness, "Plural styles, thorough files, quite exquisite, so fresh my early 80s entries sounded rather 2000ish."

Basically, Stedy Serv & Edikut have mastered one of my current favorite styles of Hip Hop, which I can best describe as “Future Primitive. They just completed a joint project titled “Deep Devastators” set to release this fall. Combine that with the deep vaults of unreleased Stedy Serv joints from the 90s thru the present with plans to be unarchived and you have the potential for the unleashing of many future classics…

Being that I know many people may not be familiar with Stedy Serv, or even those who are aware of his mid 90s joints aren’t up on this album, we are doing a special limited offer for this CD at $4.99!! Just to get you introduced to the sound and prepared for the future offereings…

Stedy Serv-Warning:
[audio:|titles=09 Warning]

*Definitely check the DJ Edikut free d/l mixes on his myspace!

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