4 Killer MC’s

June 21, 2010 1 min read

4 Killer MCsreleased one 12”, “Killer Rap” on the early Hip Hop indie label, Bee Pee Records. Not sure where they are from but they refer to it as “the city by the bay”.  The production is quality work for the time with some choppy drum machine beats and some really nice keyboards. It also featured one of the earliest “kid” rappers with Lil Monsky who flips the chorus toward the end and then closes the song with a verse. Vocally the 4 MCs come off hardcore enough to kill nuff mcs, but also take time to impress the ladies. Also, they know not to confuse hardcore with irresponsibility, with lines like: “I’m all about the ladies, I’m all about the freaks. I don’t get in trouble, cause I stay out the streets”…that’s a message we need more than ever in music today. The MCs work well in unison when doing quick vocal trade offs. The “sing-songy” chorus comes off real fresh, never has a “death threat” to MCs sounded so smooth...

Written By Kevin Beacham

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