Icehouse+Fifth Element Present: Love & Happiness w/DJ Kevin Beacham!

August 04, 2014 3 min read

This is a new monthly event, taking place in the name of love on the the first Thursday of every month, starting 8-7-14!

Where is the love:

-Icehouse 2528 Nicollet Avenue South, MPLS, MN 55404

-8-7-14 from 8 PM-10 PM

-DJ Kevin Beacham


Dear Music Lovers,

First off, the formalities, Love & Happiness is a night of ballads, focusing heavily on the slow-moving passion-driven Soul/R&B love songs of the 60s, 70s and 80s. But, also reaching as far as the 40s and also lightly touching on some other eras, since the feeling of love is ever-present. Bring a date or perhaps fall in love there, the choice is yours…

Secondly, a backstory, this is a concept night I’ve wanted to do for years, but was waiting to discover the perfect venue for it. Then one day when I was eating Brunch at Icehouse, as I often do, while thinking about love and things of the sort, which I also often do, it occurred to me…I was in the perfect venue for Love & Happiness.

And where did this idea emerge? As a dancing, music loving young-un in the late 70s and early 80s, most often with the older kids via my older Sister or at my parents parties, I remember the dance-floor change from the songs that encouraged everyone to show and prove they were tune with the latest dance moves, into the songs where you had to get a bit more up close and personal with someone. Those were defining moments or they certainly felt that way. I also remember that it was nearly law for the DJ to end the night with an emotional love ballad.

Although at my young age I didn’t have as many slow dance partners as I would have liked, I did love the power and emotion found in those songs. In fact, some of my favorite songs back then were ballads. Immediately these come to mind, Rose Royce “I Wanna Get Next To You”, Rick James “Dream Maker”, Michael Jackson “Ain’t No Sunshine”, Gap Band “Yearning For Your Love”, Switch “There Will Never Be”, Earth Wind & Fire “Reasons”, Johnny Guitar Watson “Love Jones”, and countless others.

It should be said that not all “Love” songs are about being in love. Often they are about the love that has been lost or is fading away. In many ways those are as important as those songs that profess about current love, because those songs remind us of the fragilities that exist in the bond you share with someone, which hopefully serve as a reminder to treat our loved ones with tender care.

Personally, I’d consider myself a romantic at heart, as well as in practice, at least when the opportunities rises…so says this single man :). In any event, it was this characteristic that inspired me, approximately ten years ago, to take a cue from my DJ influences of days old and start ending my DJ sets with that special touch of Love Ballads. From that, grew my idea to one day host a night that focused on it…and many, many years later it is finally a reality.

Was the final push pushed encouraged by me, in my single state, sitting around at home listening to amazing love ballads pondering the wonders of future loves or was it purely driven off my long-standing appreciation for soulful songs of this nature? Who’s to know and more importantly, who’s to say? In the end, this is music for the soul that we all could use a serving of. Come get a taste of love & happiness…

Signed Sincerely, DJ Kevin “Lover of Love” Beacham

P.S.-Fifth Element is a co-presenter of this event and as a result each month FE will spotlight an album by highlighting and playing it extensively in the store, as well as me spinning a track or two from it in my “Love & Happiness” set at Icehouse. This month’s spotlight album is Purple Snow “Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound compilation on the Numero Group label. If you haven’t heard or own this yet, you are kind of tripping. It’s a history lesson on the 70s and 80s Minneapolis Soul sound and it’s beautiful… Follow your heart:

And, hugs to Taylor Evans for the Love & Happiness logo...

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